Introduction About METHASYN

Why Methanol is an ideal Product and serves as a sustainable resource?

    1. Significance of Methanol (METHASYN®)
  • It is one of the most traded chemical compounds.
  • World annual production over 30 million tons.
    2. METHASYN® serves as a Feedstock for …
  • Organic intermediates (alcohols, aldehydes, carbonic acids, plastics etc.)
  • Biochemical bulk materials (parafines, olefines & aromatic compounds)
  • Utilization for co-generation by fuel cells and Silent-Power converters
  • Direct utilization for combustion engines and any calorific purposes
    3. Synthesis of Methanol (METHASYN®)
  • 2nd largest technically catalyzed process at moderate pressures and temperatures
  • Haber-Bosch process (BASF 1923)
  • Further development of the catalyst (ICI 1966)
  • Development of a fast-past-by-process (Anderson & Bornstein; 1983)
METHASYN® methanol is the most ideal fuel!
  • No pollution from CO2 neutral methanol, if produced from replanted biomass
  • Easy transportation and storage of METHASYN® (all the way liquid)
  • Bio-degradable in case of spills or leakages
  • METHASYN is hardly explosive – therefore a safe fuel
  • Biomass is the main source of carbon for life, energy and organic products
  • Biomass waste usage is sustainable and environmentally compatible
  • Waste must be recycled for energy and indispensable materials
Methanol is also the most versatile Chemical Feedstock!


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