Usage of CO2 vs. CO, in F2R-Units

  • To use flue gas components, containing CO2 , e.g. from fossil fuel fired thermal power plants, a modified process with the addition of hydrogen from any suitable source can be applied instead of the wasteful sequestration of CO2 to satisfy climate protection demands.
    The ultimate CO2 emission can be offset by plantations like the Chinese and World Tree Planting Day initiative.
  • The normal way with syngas however is made by simply reacting carbon monoxide with an appropriate volume of hydrogen along a well prepared catalyst; according to the whished product.
  • One part of monoxide together with two parts of hydrogen gives Methanol - with just the highest possible yield from syngas at all. METHASYN thus goes an approbated way - yet with a renewed reactor design.
  • This design towards fast flow reactor units F2RU will be responsible for high yields as well as for a simplified reactor concept. A unique process route brings the synthesis into the range of zero wait state, if a gear or parts of it is to be serviced. These results in minimizing costs, whenever reactor handling is needed (e.g. changement of the catalyst moiety).


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