Comparative Aspects

Comparative Energetic Aspects in catalytic Methanol Synthesis
* The reaction of CO2 with hydrogen leads to a loss of H2. The condensation reaction to water is unwishes and thinnes the methanol mojety. Drying of alcohols is expensive and less effective.
** Incineration of carbon containing waste leads only to heat and carbondoxide; the energetic re-sults are poor and the entropy is maximised (highest degree of dissipation).

Comparative Energy Content vs. Production Cost & Fuel Sales
1 Refined any from crude oil @ 120 U$/bbl = 75 U$/L = 90 U$/kg @ ├ś 0.83 kg/L
2 World commodity market price depending on crude oil price and API
3 Retail price varying from country to country depending on taxes and margins
4 Grossly varying depending on used energy source and process
5 With or without separation processes from inorganic bulk material


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