Environmental Aspects

Environmental and Health Aspects of METHASYN®

  • During the whole process no hazardous materials are emitted to the environment. That means neither any harmful gases nor any toxic liquids or solids escape from the plant working.
  • Hazardous waste materials are treated in a way which is neutral to the environment, so that it decomposes gradually into harmless products.
  • Polyvinylchloride (e.g. PVC) decomposes readily into syngas, which is converted next to methanol, and also to hydrogen chloride - the latter is soluble in the scrubber and will be removed upon basified washings.
  • METHASYN® spills are bio-degradable but methanol shall not be abused as drinking alcohol, as prohibited by law and therefore never to be mixed with ethanol for consumption. Alcohols are poisons altogether.
  • METHASYN® is recommended to replace ethanol plantations that sacrifice CO2 sinks of forests and agricultural space for food production.


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